Wednesday, April 17, 2013

American Girl Unit Study #2- Felicity

We are in the midst of a really fun chronological unit study on the American Girl dolls!
(Here's the last post from the last doll Kaya 1764)
Next up on the timeline.......  
Felicity’s story is that of a spirited, adventurous girl growing up in Williamsburg in 1774 at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. 
 SO much to learn about during this time - here are most of the things we did......

After our trip to the library we found a Felicity cook book and tried a few of "her" recipes.
Corn Cakes and Apple butter.... DELICIOUS! 

 We made our lapbooks as always and created a few cut/paste/label papers for  
keeping home, plantations, chores from day to day and famous people in the 1770s,
not to mention worksheets from fellow bloggers, pinterest and 
Oh and on the AG website there are online games for most dolls, Bella of course loved that!
See below for all the links!
We learned ALOT!
(Yes I said we, it's amazing how much I've forgotten since I was in school) 
Throughout the Felicity stories she attends lessons at Miss Manderly’s
house to learn how to be a polite gentlewoman in 1774.
She learns things like stitchery, dancing, penmanship, and the proper way to serve tea.

I asked my Mom is she would serve as our "Grandmama Manderly" during our unit study, she eagerly accepted. Bella went to Grandmama Manderly's house for quill writing, stamp sealing, tea party etiquette and general conversation applicable for the 1770s.
For sure a highlight of our Felicity study!

I hunted forever to find a cute, easy embroidery kit for kids similar to Felicity's time. 
I'm not sure why this was so hard but came to my rescue, we found a butterfly!
Bella and I had a BLAST with this unit study, we took our time and spent a couple weeks in total on Felicity & the 1770s! To celebrate finishing our study we rented the official Felicity movie & snuggled up with her favorite stuffed friends and mini Felicity & had a movie night!
Cute movie, btw!

One of Bella favorite parts of school projects is showing her Daddy ALLLLLL she has done, in great detail. Its really so sweet. Note the every single paper she did & it was all perfectly organized & placed just so by Bella to present it to her Dad!

Below are a few websites I used to organize our 
American Girl unit studies








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Julie Halter said...

That is such an awesome idea! I would have loved to have done that when I was younger!!

Anonymous said...

I will be doing American Girl studies with my nine year old next year. I was wondering where you found the famous people, plantation, keeping house and chores printables. They are underlined on your site as if there should be a link, but nothing happens when I click on them. Thanks.

HannahKate said...

You're right those arent links. Thats just what I did with a particular book I found at the Library. There are large books at the library or on, that go with most dolls, that dive deeper into the study of each doll. Here is the link.

HannahKate said...

Enjoy your study! We have SO loved going through each doll. We are only part way through... let me know if you have any other questions.