Thursday, April 11, 2013

American Girl Unit Study #1 - Kaya

My girl is a huge American Girl fan, as I was a girl!
I decided to start a chronological historical study of all the dolls to add to our daily school schedule.  (Reasons #764 why I love homeschooling, bc we can do things like this!)
We use this unit study mostly as an "ad on" and not a replacement for our bookwork.
After a few sessions on pinterest and pouring over fellow blogger sites I found a bunch of items some that I used as is (if allowed) and some I tweaked for my own personality/goals.

Michaels has awesome American Girl historical stickers that we snagged & used to make a timeline to keep us on track. Having a historical timeline is a helpful way for younger kids to grasp the idea of dates. Many times we have referred to a date in history by saying "During Felicitys time" of "Around the time Kirsten was born" etc... really has helped her!   
First up on the timeline - 
Kaya - 1764
"An adventurous native American, growing up in the Nez Perce Indian tribe"
Lapbook template-  HERE
I took the basic information from Kaya books and took off down my own path of finding out about the Native Americans and how they lived, we studied: 

Thank heavens for the Library, Pinterest & Google & my friend Kristina who came over and brought fun Native American items for us to see!

Then.... oh boy this was a mess, ha! At least my girls thought it was amazing....
1st- I musta had a brain spasm in thinking I was a super good seamstress
2nd- I couldn't get my machine to work
3rd- I thought I'd hand stitch, couldnt find thread
4th & finally- I hot glued it together/tied it together with the fringe ha!!
Dont judge me!! You've done crazy things for you kids too!

We had a great time and we both SO look forward to the next 12 dolls!!

Below are a few websites I used to organize our schooling for the American Girl unit studies.

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