Thursday, March 14, 2013

Party time for a few v.i.p.s!!

I decided that March 13th is Bella's stuffed animals birthday, collectively! Bella was wild with excitement when I surprised her the night before as we went shopping for supplies. I let her be a part of the planning & we did it up big!! Why not, after all they are so special to her and deserve a birthday party! Of course this will be a yearly tradition.

First up we made play-doh cupcakes, each with their own candle!

I took a couple old shirts and cut arms/legs out as necklace gifts for all 20 animals! 

We decorated all around the party table.
(I squeezed the animals between the couch and the table as if they were "sitting" at the table)
Bella passed out a cupcake to each friend.
 Dinner time!
Each item we had for dinner correlated with things the stuffed animals would normally eat. (sorta)
Bear- Berry smoothies
Bunny- Carrots
Dog/Tiger/Turtle- Chicken Lettuce Wraps
I went to Whole Foods and snagged a couple of cupcakes for our dessert.
If you haven't tried them, Whole Foods has the most delicious cupcakes in town.
After Dinner we watched one of Bellas favorite shows "Doc McStuffins"
It was the perfect show to watch at our animal birthday party for it was all about that exactly.
Next came GAMES
This one was fun! We took turns blindfolded and snagged a stuffed animal and had to figure out which one it was by touch.

Then we played "Find Tigger" all over the house.

I highly recommend having a stuffed animal birthday party with/for your children, it shows you care so much about the things that are so important to them! Don't be embarrassed to "chat" with the animals and ask how they liked their party & pretend right along with your kids, I could tell Bella was so so happy when I played along. 
Don't you still remember the feeling of your animals seeming so real?
I love being a kid with my girl.

Play. Celebrate. Delight. 

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