Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Homemade Toothpaste!

I know that traditional toothpaste is said to be good for your teeth
BUT I dont generally take things at face value but I'd rather dig down to find
the reality of good or not good. For me, I found that it traditional toothpaste is full of not good
I didn't like the idea of all the toxins in traditional toothpaste, specifically the fluoride....eww!

So whats a girl supposed to do......DIY folks!

50/50 Coconut Oil & Baking Soda
Essential Oils (to taste) I like spearmint!
Xylitol or other sweetener (to taste)
(these measurements are based on your own tube size)
Xylitol has some interesting health benefits for teeth.... 
Bottom line: "xylitol consumption results in the re-mineralization, or strengthening, of tooth enamel.
In plain words, it protects your teeth and makes them stronger" Read here for more

Heat ingredients just enough that it combines nicely
Let cool off & scoop into a cleaned out traditional toothpaste tube.
To clean the old toothpaste containers,
cut off the bottom of the tube & clean it out with soap & water.
I used a clip to secure the closing after I put in the new coconut oil toothpaste!
Its awesome!

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emily grace said...

Hannah - I have been thinking about trying something similar but hesitate because of the "look" from Justin, often accompanied by a sarcastic comment about my hippie self. :P Sometimes there is only so much of that a girl `can take! But! If I stick it in the old tube.... maybe he wont notice???

Joy said...

This is awesome! We will have to try it!!