Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spring is near & Im being impatient

We just moved into our new home a few months ago, so each season change is such a neat experience, it feels like seeing our home all over again for the first time.
Spring is the season Ive been impatiently waiting to come! 
I'm SO ready to plant a giant veggie garden and landscape my yard! 
When you've been in a rental for years there's only so much you can or want to invest there, but having our OWN land to invest in is so exciting.
Never mind the fact that my girls & I are SO ready to be outside all day.  We home school so we will literally be outside all day for school, for meals and I'm sure Bella would try and talk her way into letting me let her take her nap outside.... tempting. :)
 There have been a few spring "teaser" days lately & we bundled up and have taken full advantage of these beautiful days, as I'm sure you have as well!
 Come on Spring!!

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emily grace said...

I'm feeling the same itch! First spring in the new house- I so know what you mean about being ready to invest in your OWN land. Veggie gardens, here we come!