Friday, February 8, 2013

For coffee lovers everywhere....

Ask anyone who knows me and they will agree with me when I say, I am an AVID Starbucks fan!

 Being as such, I have always been very critical of "homemade lattes" 
UNTIL my sweet parents gave me my own espresso machine for Christmas! 
Now I'm HOOKED!!!
(Therefor, I don't go to Starbucks nearly as often, my poor gold card is not getting any use! ha!)

Krups Solo Steam Espresso Machine 
Krups Solo Steam Espresso Machine
Now heres what I dont know.... 
Is it the machine or is it the espresso that makes the latte great?? 
Anyone know?
IF its the machine then the one I have is awesome. IF its the espresso then everyone must run down to your nearest Whole Foods and snag their Organic Espresso.... WOW-ZA!!!
Trust me its THE BEST espresso!
Now if I can just learn to do FROTH ART like my local coffee shop.

So here are my attempts ... some accidental, some intentional.
 A "B" for Bella!                                           A Christmas tree!
     A Heart <3                                An Exclamation Mark!

Then, I looked into finding a vanilla syrup & they were all filled with yuck.... So I made my own & who knew its SO easy!

Homemade VANILLA Syrup
1Cup Water
1Cup Organic sugar
1Tablespoon Organic Vanilla extract
Boil together until syrup-y!
That's it!!

I'm not ashamed to say, I get excited to wake up in the mornings
and experience this delightful cup of espresso!
 Cheers to you!!

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Susannah Flautt Photography said...

This is a spectacular post Hannah! Like... seriously! :)