Saturday, January 26, 2013

Splish Splash Babies!

Slip On Your Raincoat
Slip on your raincoat,
Pull on your galoshes;
Wading in puddles
Makes splishes and sploshes.
- Anonymous 
(Perhaps my favorite picture of my girls ever!)

Raindrops are such funny things.
They haven't feet or haven't wings.
Yet they sail through the air,
With the greatest of ease,
And dance on the street,
Wherever they please.
- Anonymous
(But seriously.... look at this face, I cant stop laughing!!!)
The Rain
Pitter-patter, raindrops,
Falling from the sky;
Here is my umbrella
To keep me safe and dry!
When the rain is over,
And the sun begins to glow,
Little flowers start to bud,
And grow and grow and grow!
- Anonymous

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