Monday, January 14, 2013

Merry Christmas New York City!!

My beautiful cousin Anna, took on the dream of living in NYC for the last 3 months and invited us to come stay with her this December. It has always been a dream to be in NYC at Christmas time and Anna and I have talked for years about going there together! 
Dream come true x2!
Probably the most special part of this trip was that we surprised Bella and left on her birthday and had her entire birthday in New York City! She was THRILLED. 
Bella and I have been to NYC together 3 times but Bella has never been with her Daddy. Brandon was able to get time off work & come, so this was so special for us!
Sleepy eyed babies....early morning Starbucks before the birthday flight & Lilys first flight.
 The pilot said Happy Birthday to BELLA on the intercom during the flight then let her come up and tour the cockpit after we landed! SO kind!!
 Our first stop in the city was Grand Central station...
Mission #1 was finding a cupcake store for Bella!
(the rest of these pictures on here are not in chronological order or much of any order)
 More sites & beautiful moments of our trip!
Christmas Trees everywhere, Lights, Ornaments, Daddy Time.
 Had the BEST time ice skating in Bryant Park!
Window displays galore & FAO Piano dancing with Daddy, Anna time & a cute lil lamb chilling at Juicy Couture!

Pretty NYC!
 We tried to brave the 500k people at the lighting of the Rock Center Christmas tree but after I was almost trampled while holding my infant (no but for real, scary!), we quickly left and got fun food and watched it on tv, much better plan!
 Lily spent 4 days POINTING and GRUNTING with delight! 
Loved that part of our trip :)
Our adventures at MACYS with Anna and Santa! (Oh! & cussing match broke out in the elevator in Macys between 2 large middle aged woman, horrible in the moment as we're hiding our kids ears/eyes but pretty normal Id say for Christmas in NYC haha!)

 This was the whole building computer display on the side of the Saks5th building 
and interactive window display also at Saks 5th..... Do you see Bella?!

More NYC fun!
Trains, 5th Ave Shopping, Lego Store, Origami tree at the Mus. of Natural History.
Family picture at the Plaza Hotel

We bundled up alot... it was COLD!!

First time at SPRINKLES NYC! 
We were so excited to eat cupcakes from there, big fans!

Toys R Us Ferris wheel with Daddy, more gorgeous Christmas decorations and of course the American Girl Doll store 

Times Square!

Silly Dad time, M&M store, the COOLEST snake decor at Bvlgari & the BEST pizza in Queens!!

Incredible family trip together! 
So thankful for my cousin Anna and all the fun we had together!

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