Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hello Washington!

We, last minute, decided to jump out of the airport on our layover home from New York City and do a quick tour of Washington DC. HOLY COW we were jogging/speed walking for 45 minutes. 
There was no storage so we had ALL of our luggage with us! ha! We are crazy and spontaneous and I love it! I have driven through DC two times, only on the interstate and both times at midnight. I was super excited to see it! Giving us a taste of a school trip we will take later, when the girls are older!

First stop we had the taxi drop is at the Lincoln Memorial.
Bella and I held hands and ran up all 41 steps to see Lincoln!
What a view!
 Next stop (10 minutes later!) A very long walk down the Reflecting Pool.
 Destination..... Washington Monument!
 Next stop (20 minutes later).....
This is looking from the Washington Monument to the White House.
Can you see the WH??? Im serious it was a hike!

The White House Christmas Tree (pretty puny)
Bella started getting tired at this point.... lets be honest we jogged to the White House because we were running out of time to get back to the airport.
Brandon was carrying so much of the luggage, he is macho!
Next we walked to the road and quickyly snagged a cab and got back to the airport in perfect timing to catch our flight home. Loved this speedy 45 minutes "jogging tour" of DC... Excited to go again. 
This was such a fun memory!!

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i went crazy again today said...

awesome!! i loved when i did it too!! much more fun than sitting at the airport:)