Thursday, January 17, 2013

Glimpses of our favorite moments of Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of year! 
(I might still have Christmas decorations up)
This year with new lil baby Lily, it was a really special time to see it through her eyes as well as seeing my Bella delight is showing Lily every one of her favorite details of Christmas.
Here are a bunch of pictures of some of our favorite Christmas moments  
Our "Polar Express" Night  (Great movie, if you havent seen it!)
We put Bella to bed, then a few minutes later went in, woke her up, gave her hot chocolate and a ticket to the "Minivan Express" to go look at Christmas lights. 
We looked at SO many lights and it never got old! 
We even found a neighborhood walk thru lights displat!
Loads of Christmas reading!
Every Christmas eve we do a family pancake breakfast with my Dad at the horn! Mmmm!
One of my favorite Christmas "to-dos"! 
 Fireside snuggles are always a fave!
I love my family!
Bella wrote a sweet letter to a solider via the Red Cross "Holiday Mail for Heros"  
Gingerbread house making from SCRATCH with my family!
Official Family Christmas Photo of 2013
These dresses are so special to me. My Grandmother made all of her granddaughters these sweet smocked dresses when we were kids. The white one Lily has one was originally Bellas dress. This was the 1st GREAT granddaughter dress that Mimi made as well as the last dress she was able to make. I will forever cherish this dress. 
One of our favorite things we have done the last 2 years around Christmas is volunteer for Samaritans Purse' Operation Christmas Child, shoebox project.
We were able to help twice this year and had so much fun!
(We found out later that the two boxes we packed ended up in Madagascar!!)

Christmas morning precious moments.... 
I am in love with this picture of my daughters!


I hope you and your family had a beautiful Christmas together!

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