Monday, October 1, 2012

Training up!

We have been doing school work since Bella was about 3 years old, she wanted to learn and we had such fun doing the bookwork. I know this is different with each kid. I never wanted to push her too hard, too early so I followed her lead when it came to early learning. For the most part, we finished Kindergarten last year, so for 2012 we are in a combo of Kindergarten & 1st Grade. The beauty of homeschooling is being in a multiple grades and catering to strengths & interests as far as you want!

I love celebrating, so the 1st day of school I felt needed to have a certain level of FLAIR added to it to help start our school year off with a bang! 
So.......... I surprised Bella with a PENCIL CAKE!!

Surprise #2: TREATS!! Gotta have treats on your first day of school! Bookmarks, glue, stickers erasers, fresh new pencils and a cake pop from Starbucks (her fave!) woohoo!

What a delight and a pleasure to "train up my child" everyday AND get to be her school teacher!

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Joy said...

hannah, that cake is awesome!!!!