Sunday, October 7, 2012

Picture hanging made EASY!

Haven't we ALL tried to do a collage wall, or golly even just hang one picture & it ended with walls that look like Swiss cheese??
I happened upon this idea on Pinterest (of course!) and added a few steps of my own.
My sweet husband and I nailed 13 pictures on the wall and only moved ONE! 
First I laid out all the pictures, on the floor, the way I wanted the arrangement on the wall.
Then, I took a picture of the arrangement on my phone so I knew each time I went to the wall, to hang a picture, WHERE it was supposed to be hung.
 Next is the secret weapon.....
Yep thats right. Get a trial tube of really bright colored toothpaste,
dab a small bit right where the nail will hang the picture.
Place the picture on the wall where you want it,
make sure to press the toothpaste spot enough that it will come off on the wall.
Next, hammer your nail into the wall right where the toothpaste spot is,
wipe down the wall and the picture and hang the picture!
No more measuring, taping, eyeballing or  guessing!

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