Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Charlottes Web Party!

The first time I re-watched Charlottes Web as an adult, I'll be honest I was weeping. Completely forgot that Charlotte dies. I look down at my tenderhearted, then 4 year old girl, and see tears streaming down her face!  Sweet girl! We gave ourselves about a year then decided to tackle reading the book together, newly braced for the weeping at the end. I read one page then Bella read a page, this is a fabulous & snuggly way to read with your children who are beginning/intermediate readers.
I did a little research and found this Charlottes Web Unit Study & "lapbook" for only $2!
I saved all these items we found for the day of our book finishing party!!
This toilet paper spelling game worked GREAT! I taped TP to the floor and laid out a few words, letter by letter, randomly on the web. Bella a list of words to spell & could only walk on the web to gather each letter to correctly spell the words. Big hit! 
 My husband found a talking pig that he brought home!
We saved the last few pages of the book to read on the night of our celebration!
 For dinner I made Bella spaghetti twirled to look like a spider web, then cut out Charlotte out of bread. :) Whole Foods had this awesome mini spider web cake!
All in all, this day was perfect!!
The next book party we are having is Little House in the Big Woods.
I've already found the unit study and the lapbook!
Stay Tuned....

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