Friday, August 31, 2012

For the LOVE of reading.....

As a children my parents always read aloud to us.... Either they were reading us a family devotional or trying to give us a global perspective by reading to us of a far off missionary or by captivating our imaginations with The Chronicles of Narnia, all of these moments burned in my heart and mind the love of stories! I so want my girls to capture this love of stories. A few weeks ago we rented from the library one of my favorite childhood books, The King Stilts, this book was one of my Dads favorite to read to us. He happened to be over one night and as if I was still 5, chimed in with Bella's eager plea's to hear Papa read this famed book! With out hesitation, he started reading.... Transported back to our childhood, a few of my sibs and I crowd around to hear this story once more.....

Another story I always loved as a kid was the Little House on the Prairie stories. 
"My First Little House Books" are awesome first readers, these have been Bellas FAVORITE! Other great are the "Little House Chapter Books".
Everywhere we've been this last week Bella has been reading out loud to me from "School Days" which is a one of the small chapter books. We're both loving it!!
Another books we've been reading together is Charlottes Web.
 I read one page then she reads one page! This has been a sweet moment  in our days. 
Im SO proud of Bella for how well she has been reading. We worked on it for a few weeks last year and she just all of a sudden started reading!!
She reads everywhere and all the time!!
This new skill in Bellas life has been such a joy to watch and be a part of with her!
I pray that this picture will be true in my girls life... that Lily will watch and see Bellas (& her parents) love of reading and want to emulate that!

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