Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY Family Olympics

After the London opening ceremonies (blog post here) we have had a few Olympic moments of our own.... Thought I'd share....  (more to come, stay tuned!)
First up Gymnastic, Beam & Vault :)
We pretended we were in a real beam class and Bella called me "Coach Mom" as I taught her some beam skills.
Then Bella mixed her ballet knowledge w my gymnastic knowledge and made up her own "olympic" routine- super cute!
 Of course Bellas doll, stuffed animals & Lily had to join in on their own "masking tape" Beams. :)
Next up.... Vault.
I mean who has an actual vault laying around there house? A box works fine!
I dug down into the recesses of my brain and remembered an actual vault I could teach her.

We connected 2 straws and loaded them up w 3 small fishing weights, they worked surprisingly well!! Played 3 rounds at different distances.

In this round Bella threw all 3 Javelin straws at once and made them IN!!
Yayyy!!! Score!

Of course next was the Medal Ceremony... and yes of course we sang the National Anthem!

Making the Olympic personal this year, by creating our own family competitions has been so fun.... making such sweet memories as a family. The Olympics are too inspiring to sit still.... since clearly I can not compete in them, this has been our outlet for Olympic greatness.... Who knows maybe my kids would go some day. Bella already informed me that she wants to be in the swimming and diving Olympics. Go girl go.... we'll be your biggest cheerleaders no matter what you do!

Many more sports to go....... Stay tuned.

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Emily said...

y'all are SO COOL!!! gosh I love this!