Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIY Family Olympics Part 2

The 2012 Olympics have been inspiring, challenging and FUN in our house! My last post was about our first attempts at scoring gold... here are this weeks attempts at climbing the podium for gold!

First up:
(aka ball wrapped in tin foil)  
Nice form Bella!!
Measured Bellas longest throw and for that one she received a gold medal!
 Next event....
(aka cardboard taped in a triangle)
Bella asked me every time to say... Ready (knees down) Set (bottom up) "Pchhhhhh" (gun shot) just like in the track & field events haha! I love this girl!
 Next event....
Rythmic Gymnastics
(aka ribbon glued onto a chopstick)
Bella boo LOVED this event. She played it longer than any other event on our family Olympics!

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