Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012 Opening Ceremonies Party!

I have never done this before but I decided to have a small viewing party for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 London Summer Olympics! I grew up in the gym as a gymnast and a coach so it goes with out saying that the Summer Olympics were always my favorite. Bella and I have been so excited to watch the games together so I wanted to start it right this year!
Here's what we did....
First we printed some small posters online as well as buying some International items for our decorations/table. Next, I made dishes for a few countries represented in the games. This could have gotten out of hand FAST... I kept adding more countries as I went, I finally had to cut myself off. ha! We ended up with 8 countries and their food represented.
USA- Hot Dogs & ketchup
England- "Lady Londonderry" Hot Tea
Uganda- Grits/Avocados/Baked beans  
(My sister created this dish based on her recent trip to Uganda)
The Islands- Pina Coladas
China- Fried Rice & Egg Rolls
France- French bread
Mexico- Cheese Quesadillas
Italy- Orzo Pasta
Olympic Ring shaped Brownies
Mini Cupcakes with Olympic themed toppers 

Here are the close ups of each dish & dessert. 


 While we watched the opening ceremonies we played OLYMPIC BINGO! Never done this while watching something... we all really got into it and Brandon got "Gold" Wes got "Silver" and I got "Bronze" medals. :)


Emily said...

okay seriously?!!! that is absolutely brilliant! I love it Hannah!!
oh and I still have to watch opening ceremonies! I missed it cause I was at a concert!

HannahKate said...

Thanks Em!!! I love that YOU always make comments on my blog posts! Your wonderful!

Joy said...

this is awesome!! I am so excited for tonight!!

Joy said...

this is awesome!! I am so excited for tonight!