Monday, June 11, 2012

Half Birthday! (perhaps more fun!)


I have never celebrated a "half birthday" before, it seemed like "over kill". But on second thought....WHO SAYS?! Half birthdays are a blast!!! Go check out this website to find your half birthday & CELEBRATE your life & the lives of your kids! 
We didn't do the traditional birthday festivities through out the day..... 
we did HALF of them!!
We did pancakes for breakfast with only HALF toppings :)
For lunch we got pizza and had only HALF pieces & a HALF a glass of juice!
The best part was our HALF of a birthday cake with 5 regular candles & 1 candle pushed 1/2 way down since Bella was turning 5 1/2. Then we sang our sweet girl only HALF of the Happy Birthday song!!
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Happ....!"
She asked us to sing it to her probably 5 times during the day!
We did presents HALF way through the day at lunch. 
Recently Bella had been very interested in stars & constellations. Her favorite constellation is Orion which she always finds it in the sky, always!! So for her half birthday gift, we named a star after her, "Bella Raine", and its located IN the constellation Orion. She loved it!!!

So, from now on, each year we will be celebrating our precious daughters whole AND 1/2 birthdays! I'll take every chance I can get to make my girls feel special and tell them they are so so very important to us!

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