Thursday, June 14, 2012


Bella loves to watch Food Network cooking shows with me & hands down our favorite is CUPCAKE WARS & CUPCAKE CHAMPIONS! My mother in law and all 3 of my sisters are totally into it also so I decided to host a little cupcake season finale party! Sadly my mother in law got sick and couldn't come so it was just us and my sisters. I told everyone to bring a cupcake of their choice and we all cut them up to share.... I wanted to essentially make a cupcake "buffet" to all munch on while we watched the finale.
Bella & I got the flower one and the hamburger one from Whole foods..... A. WHY is there a hamburger as decoration on a vanilla cupcake??? B. Whole Foods has THE best cupcakes! C. The minis are gluten free for my littlest sister and the others are muffins with homemade icing, because lets face it most store bought muffins are improperly named and infact should be called cupcakes.
All were delicious.....nevermind the sugar induced tummy ache that night, it was worth it!

Here's a close up of the cupcake who earned the "best decorated" slot of the night :) Again we dont understand the hamburger but its tasted great and was super cute!
 I made an attempt and making really cute drink cups with cupcakes on them... :/ 
I clearly did not get my grandfathers drawing genes.
Miraculously we managed to cram ourselves in the cell phone camera shot! yayyy!! 
Love my sisters and our fun times together!

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