Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fire Station tour, plus some!

Two of my brothers have each been volunteer firemen for 10+ years! What a blessing to have people in my family who have to ability to create "facility tours" for my girl & her education.
For school Wednesday morning I planned all work to be firefighter themed. I found this great firefighting math workbook & snagged this writing/coloring book, both from Next stop was a focused trip to the library to visit Ms Liz, our friendly librarian, were we discovered all the books we could find and read, on the subject of Firefighting.
Armed with our newly acquired knowledge we head to the firehall.
The only spot in the lot to park was right next to a Police car. "Look Mommy we parked next to the police!!" Right away the Deputy hopped out of his car with a friendly greeting! Bella was shocked he had heard her comment but excited and eager to accept his offer to look around his car! Its just like the Lord to pile on the goodness and not only have a private tour of the fire station but a police car as well. Turns out Deputy Steve has a 5yr old also & loves babies! :)

Thanks to our new Deputy friend Steve!

Now...... onto our private tour of the fire station!
Can you even STAND IT how cute this picture is?! 


Thanks so much to my "little" brothers Ethan & Andrew for our private tour! 
We LOVED it!!

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Emily said...

way to have the inside connections!! I'm sure Bella was so thrilled!