Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spontaneity trumps bedtime!

My dad is the best when it comes to calling last minute and saying "What are you doing?" or "Are the girls sleeping?" or "Is Brandon working tonight?" ALL phrases are code for "Lets be spontaneous & go on an adventure!!" 
These very conversations happened a few nights ago as he was on his way to an evening Lowes run. He picked up his other 2 grand kids (Aiden & Abby) & called us and said "come on lets go on an all grand kids trip to Lowes & we'll stop at Starbucks on the way home!" Well when he called it was 8pm! Usually my 5 yr old is in bed by 8pm... but isn't life so much about delight & adventure?! Throw "plans & schedules" to the wind and be spontaneous!!!
Whats a good Papa if he doesn't let all the kiddos pile on the cart for a ride?!
Oh and Bella needed gloves for our new garden (see post here on what we planted!!) so my generous Dad decided to buy all the grandkids matching Disney charater gloves. So sweet! 
 Aiden - Cars.... Abby - Dora..... Bella - Princess...
They had exactly each kids fave! Go Lowes!!
Next stop... Starbucks (perhaps this was for me!) :)
Im sure the baristas where left confused when a 50+yr old man was buying sugary treats for a pack of kids at 9pm at night! haha!
Lets just say Lily is definitely MY daughter.... Fixated on Starbucks :) 

Yes it was semi-nuts to set out on an adventure at 8pm with 4 kids under 5yrs old and yes bedtime was way late that night but none of that matters in the least..... time with a Godly grandfather who completely loves and cares for his grandchildren is priceless, important and dare I say essential to the up bringing of these grandchildren. 
My parents are terrific and Im so thankful for them and the example they are to my husband and I in so many things.

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Emily said...

YAY for spontaneity!! love adventures like this one!