Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Drive-In Movie Night!

A few weeks ago my husband was working late one night so, to soften the blow of Daddy not being home, I planned a movie night. Have you guys seen "Dolphin Tale"??? Its fabulous! To make things more fun, we took an old box and made a CAR for Bella to sit in during the movie and we had a "drive in movie night", it was awesome. Bonus.... Bella thought I was THE coolest for coming up with this idea... the truth is that I found it on another blog!
Additionally, I wish there was a real Drive-In movie closer to us, until then we can just watch movies in boxes, ha!

 Bella designed her license plate... precious!
We found one of those nifty stroller cup holders to attach to the side for her popcorn and drinks..... movies snacks are super important! She sat like that for the entire movie :)

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