Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adventures By Foot

Long walks. Power Walks. Walks with friends. Destination Walks. 
Walks with Husband. Walk & Run. Walk with my girls. 
Country Walks. Trail Walks. Walks to the grocery........ 
Its been one of my favorite activities of late....Its ideal when the goal is to quality time with people AND "get my exercise on" as my 5 year old says ha!.... bc lets be honest who can actually carry on a conversation AND doing any more of cardio activity than just walking!? I cant! 
Our most recent adventure by foot was about 2 1/2 mile power walk and the whole family got in on it! We packed a picnic lunch and put our picnic quilt in the stroller and started my GPS calorie app and away we went! Bellas new thing is that she wants to walk the whole time & not ride in the double stroller... Toward the end of the walk she was really dragging so Dad got a heavy dose of extra calorie burn and carried her 40lb self on his shoulders for about 3/4mile!! Go Daddo!

 Dad & Bella found a creek while Lily and I just snuggled tho "just" is the understatement of the year. I read this week that just means the minimum of something. There is never a "just" when it comes to loving on your kids.....  Defeat Minimums!! 
*I digress* 
 My girls by the pond :)
 We ended up with so much food...Oh  ya we ate it all! :)
 Work it girl! 

We have had so many fab adventures on foot! 
More to come......

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Emily said...

love this!!! I think the gorgeous weather gets us all motivated to "get our exercise on"!! haha