Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Peas triumph over the Mac N Cheese

Today Bella asked to have a picnic lunch of Mac N Cheese. She put on her apron and said she could make it all herself and that I was to be her sous chef, she just learned what that word meant. ha! I happily agreed to these terms and she & I successfully made lunch. :) Go Team! 
Thanks to the gorgeous mid 50 degree weather we ate outside on a blanket. 
As we were finishing she says to me, "See this little mac n cheese piece? Its the enemy. And see ALL these peas? They are the good guys!.... Ahhhhh! (she yells with passion and confidence, pushing all the peas into the little mac n cheese piece.) Got you enemy!" Then starts singing the Chris Tomlin song "Our God" while still pushing the good guy peas into the enemy mac n chz bite....
"If our God is for us then who could ever stop us and if our God is with us then what could stand against." 
First of all, most times Bella sings any worship songs, I am reduced to tears but when the worship song comes with a veggie production of good triumphing over the enemy... wow, what a treasured moment!! I am blown away by her and her heart and desire for God and her understanding of Him at such a young age. I so cherish the conversations we have that are birthed from the deep questions she asks. What a delight it is to be her mom and walk through life with her every day. I pray so often that the Lord will fill me with the wisdom to impart truth in a way that she really understands and gets it!! 
Here is the picture of the peas triumphant overthrow of evil, displayed in vegetable form.

Also at lunch today we did something at the same time and she said "its because we are best friends" Oh how my heart swells with love, moment by moment for my girls!!


Joy said...

What a special moment!! AND such a powerful reminder!! Glad you guys got to enjoy the SUNSHINE!!!!

-For the Love of Clever- said...

This was beautiful!!!