Friday, February 17, 2012

Magnetic Love Language

We just got these magnetic fridge conversation bubbles from The Container Store. 
Its been a such a good spot for the display of words of affirmation which is my love language as well as one of Bellas. We surprise each other with new "love" notes every day. Although its very hard to erase the precious notes that Bella creates for us. There's only a short window of time in our children's lives when they speak wrong, spell wrong & write crooked & I adore it and NEVER correct her! In fact, Im pretty sure my mom feels the same way bc she didnt tell my littlest sister, Eleanna, that Breakfast is not pronounced "Bref-Tix" until she was about 14. LOL!! Side note, that same littlest beautiful sister has just started a blog, go check her out you'll be glad you did! For The Love of Clever
Anyway, since I also play the school teacher role in Bellas life I have to balance that with the sentimental mom role so I do teach the right way to spell & write IN school but when she spells and writes something sentimental on her own I never correct the spelling or crooked writing, its the epitome of precious! As you can see below :)
To find out your children's love language go check out the Five Love Languages Children's Quiz  

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-For the Love of Clever- said...

This is beyond precious!!! I love that idea of those "bubbles" for the fridge. And thank you for the shout out! :D You're the best! <3