Friday, February 24, 2012

Daddy Daughter Dance!!

Our church put on a Daddy Daughter Ball right after Valentines day. It was a precious night for Bella and her Daddy, they both still talk about it 2 weeks later. Brandon is a fantastic father and I, as mom, LOVED watching my husband take our sweet Bella out on such a special date! Even at age 5, he's showing her how she is to be treated as nothing short of a princess. He came home and got his suit and dressed at work and came and knocked on the door to get his date and greeted her with 1st corsage. He wants her to know she is valuable, treasured and to be pursued, I'm so thankful for this!! Here are a few pictures of their perfect night together. I hope our church does this every year so when Lily is older they can all go together!
 Princess Bella Raine :)
I love the look on Bellas face in the middle picture.... 
gazing adoringly up at her father. I pray so always does this!

 The decorations were so cute!! (for being the lobby of church! haha!)

 The yummy table!!
They even had chocolate covered strawberries CLASSY!

There was a craft table set up where they could make sweet loves notes to each other & then the church will mail them out for them.... needless to say Bella is IMpatiently waiting for theirs to come...... Precious!


 Dad rocking the Macarena!


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