Saturday, January 14, 2012


Bella is a beautiful dancer and loves to dance around the house!! We found a local church dance class that her cousin was in also (which was a big bonus for Bella) It started this past Thursday & wow was Bella excited! 
What does every good ballerina need? Ballet shoes, tights & a leotard!!! I havent bought a leo since I was in gymnastics like 15years ago... kinda wild!
We had a blast together going to pick out & buy Bellas dance clothes!

Had to practice in the dressing room. :)

Ballet Cousins Bella & Piff

So adorable watching a group of about 12 little 4-5 year olds do ballet!
Bella is on the far left the one with my exact body type... It was so bizarre when I put her in a leotard, I felt like I was looking at me at 5yrs old headed to gymnastics practice!

Needless to say, Bella LOVES ballet and keeps asking me when next Thursday is so she can go again to class. :)

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