Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We are so ready for Lily to be here!!

Its less than 6 weeks away til we are a family of FOUR!! We are all so very excited to meet our precious baby Lily!
When Bella was only 3 months old Brandon went to Build-A-Bear and made her a bunny, "Lovie", for Valentines day. How precious?! Lovie was larger than Bella for awhile. ha!

When we discovered we were pregnant and having another baby girl Brandon wanted to do the same thing for her & make another bunny. This time he wanted Bella, big sister, to be a part of it also, what a good daddy! Off they went to Build-A-Bear..... (of course Bella thought this was the coolest event ever to MAKE a bunny!)

How precious is this!?

Also on the "to-do-before-Lily-gets-here" list is getting Lilys bedding together..... It was a whole family project :) The theme we went with was "girly-chic-ocean". Turquoise meets pink seahorses! I so love the turquoise color we painted the crib.

Every little girl needs a canopy over their beds! :) Bella has one so naturally Lily needs one.

 More decor that goes with the "ocean theme" in my room.  (her room is my room ha!)
I want take a moment to recognize the charcoal drawing of a Lily in the turquoise frame that my little sister, Eleanna did for Lilys room. LOVE IT!

 Here it is!! 
Remember "glow worms" as kids?! They make a pink seahorse "glow worm", had to buy it! We'll put a few finishing touches on it later but mostly this is it! :)

Bella added the most special part of the crib, the BUNNY she made with Dad... Well the most part piece until we lay Lily herself in it.... Stay tuned, she will be here soon!!



Joy said...

so cute! i can't wait to meet little sweet lily!! the decor looks so great!!

Emily said...

this is so cute!!! and I love the rough wood walls with the whole turquoise/pink theme. so sweet!