Saturday, November 19, 2011

Serving "here".... Operation Christmas Child

I've had the privilege of packing shoe boxes for Samaritans Purse "Operation Christmas Child" for years. One year my dad and I tried to go on a trip to deliver the shoe boxes overseas but sadly it didnt work out.... that is still on my "bucket list". Now, I would like to wait on that trip until my girls are old enough to be a part of it also. My dad instilled in us as kids the value of taking us on mission trips, not just sending us on mission trips. It was so special for me & my brothers to go with my Dad to Uganda Africa many times. Likewise I am thrilled to take my daughters on mission trips, in future years. But until then....well work on serving opportunities closer to home. Today we had a mission/serving adventure here in our town, which is just as important as going to other countries.

Bella (almost 5yrs old) and I packed a shoe box for a girl Bellas age. Our shopping trip was filled with Bellas precious little voice saying "Should we get her this? Should we get her this? Should we get her this?" about 67 times all through out Target. haha! A new feature with OCC this year is you can print out a barcode, add to your box and they will email you & tell you where your box stops. Cant wait to find out where our box ends up!

Then we loaded up the box, wrapped it & took it to our local drop off location.
When we dropped off our box, we asked if we could help with anything..... Then spent the next hour helping pack boxes and had the most wonderful time serving the Samaritans Purse

Bella kept saying "I can put them in the box Mommy!" Then practically hangs upside down to do it. :) Loved this time serving together and cant wait to do it more next year! I want to make this a yearly pre Christmas tradition.

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Curry Winters said...

such a great way to teach bella about serving and so fun to do together! Glad that pregnancy bump isn't stopping you:)