Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby Shower!!

Less than 10 minutes after telling my family we were expecting baby #2 my three "little" sisters almost in unison shout, "We're doing the shower!!" Its wild that my "little" sisters are old enough to be hostess but wow what incredible hostesses they are.... Annaliese (22) Susannah (20) & Eleanna (18) are about as wonderful as it gets when it comes to women, sisters, aunts, cooks, hostesses, etc....the list goes on and on! I am so blessed by them and so thankful to have such wonderful aunts for my daughters to see as examples during their lives.
Lilys baby shower theme was PUMPKINS & PINK!

Gorgeous Centerpiece!!

CHECK OUT THIS CAKE!!!!! (yes my sisters made it!) 

Pumpkin & yellow cake with cream cheese icing, doesnt get yummier than that!!!

Look at this spread!! Perfect and delicious!!

This game was "Guess the baby food flavor by sight only" (I did not do so well)
There was so much concentration happening with this game, especially from all the mommies. Weve all spent so many hours with baby food in hand, you would think we would rock at this game. My sisters picked good flavors bc a lot of us were wrong. haha


This was a tear jerker activity. These papers were "I hope you..." pages that all the guests filled out.
I hope you laugh __________
I hope you aren't afraid of ____________
I hope you love __________
I hope you become _____________
Etc etc.
Some really touching, moving, creative & funny responses.

Loved all my fabulous gifts from everyone... so excited for Lily to be here and use them all!!

Just some other pictures of all the wonderful people in my life. :) Im so blessed. 

Mommy & big sister.... we had so much fun!
Ill be honest, its SO much easier to have someone else take off my boots than me!

I am so blessed to have such fantastic sisters!!!! 
I love you forever!

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