Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy....

Here fishy fishy fishy (again) 
My husband and I both have grown up with aquariums, though it usually ends up with them taking a long swim down a porcelain tube....Recently, we had some friends who were moving and so kindly gave us there fully equipped fish tank. Despite our past failed efforts, we are giving it a try again! The main reason for another round of fish was the eagerness of precious lil 4yr girl.... 
So what are we gonna do??? 
Head to Petsmart!

Three .27 cent goldfish later we are headed home!

My girl is so happy!

Less than 24 hrs later 2 or the 3 fish died! Uhhhhh!! How do we tell our deep feeling, tenderhearted little girl that 2 of her 3 precious new fish friends have died??? So...... as any good parents do, we avoided the conversation, said they were "sleeping" and planned to race to the store for 2 more identical fish & switch-a-roo! Well that night before we could flesh out our masterful plan, Brandons coworker brought in 5 big goldfish into work from her pond for their boss. Well their boss left for the day and forgot to grab the fish so he told Brandon to take them home to Bella! 
I decided the addition of the 5 new fish would ease the pain of the truth.... So I told Bella her 2 fish died and quickly changed the subject to the "cool new fish!!"..... To no avail, moments later she was in her room WEEPING over her 2 dead fish. Oh my heart!!! :( 
 Many hugs and comforting words later... she is fine and so excited about all her new fish. 
She is in charge of naming each and feeding them once daily.
Clementine. (orange)  
Pumpkin. (orange)  
Spots. (multi colored spots)  
Sharky. (silver) 
Nemo. (orange and white)
Bonfire James Bonfire. (black & orange....Dad might have helped w this James Bond inspired name)

Alls well now in the fish saga of 2011!

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Emily said...

so sweet! you are such a great story teller Hannah:)