Saturday, October 22, 2011

Aspiring da Vinci

Bella: "Mommy Id like to take a painting lesson" 
Me: "Ok fun, where do you think we can go to do that?" 
Bella: "Mommy, FROM YOU!!" 
Me: "Ok great! Why do you want to learn to paint?" 
Bella: "Because I can only do swishes and I cant really draw real pictures" 

First of all, I love that she thinks that I know all things and she can just pick anything and I will automatically know how to do it and therefor how to teach her. Ha! Makes me smile. Admittedly I am not the best artist, my grandfather is an incredible artist and my little sister, Susannah, got his talent, not I. :(

Last night, my husband had to work so Bella and I went out to eat & what better place than Macaroni Grill to have a "painting lesson" (or in this case, drawing) and eat yummy Italian food! Bella picked what we drew and step by step she copied me. How overjoyed she was to see that she in fact could draw "real" pictures. I even busted out the bubble writing.... gosh wasn't that the coolest thing to do when we were kids? I'll say Bella's "mom" in bubble print was really good for a first timer!!! :) A few weeks ago, I did another post about learning to draw and developing critical thinking HERE.

My beautiful date!

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Busy Bees said...

Love the art work. She is such a cutie. It's fun to have girls night out ever now and then!!