Wednesday, August 10, 2011


A few days ago I was roasting onions in the oven and heard a sad cry coming from my girl, who had woken up early from her nap. I rushed into offer a comforting hug and see what was wrong, the never-let-go grip around my neck told me all I needed to know. Over the next 30-45 minutes was a precious time of snuggling as I whispered sweetness, prayers and peace over her and in no time she was fast asleep in my arms. One of my greatest delights is my child in my arms!
In no time the timer for my 400 degree oven went off... I knew if I moved then this anointed moment with my daughter and the Lord would be over and I was far from wanting it to end. Immediately, in my heart I heard "let the onions burn" which made me quietly burst out in laughter. What a sense of humor the Lord has.... I felt like he was making a deeper point which is .... it doesn't matter anything in your life that is "beeping" every 30 seconds telling you to pay attention to IT, whenever there is a priceless moment for an anointed time with the Lord and your children, THAT is what merits your time and your heart. Ignore the beeping, regardless of its tenacity and volume. Everything else can take a back seat! 


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curry said...

such great truth I need to always be reminded of! we talk alot at church about the urgent vs. the important. The urgent is rarely ever as important as we make it and when we make it the priority we seldom do the important!