Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ice Skating Adventures!!!!!

It has been years since my husband or I have been ice skating, so last week we decided to test our skills again and all take Bella for her first trip to the rink. It was adorable and hilarious and by the end of the 2 hours of skating Brandon said "That was the most fun we have had as a family in awhile!!" Clearly ice skating was a big hit and will need to be repeated asap. I was a little nervous of wiping out on the ice being 21 weeks pregnant, but I somehow managed to stay on my feet! Hooray! Oh and lets talk about how PRECIOUS Bellas itty bitty skates are?! Oh man!!
Here are a few pictures and 1 video of our time (sorry its sideways). 


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curry said...

thats so fun and so great they give kids that bar thing, I would need it also!