Thursday, August 18, 2011

I love teaching Bella!

People all over town have been asking Bella if she is starting school.... we've had to review a few times how exactly to answer that question. Shes got it down pat now! "Im home-schooled!" or "My mommy teaches me!" Most people in our area are very receptive to that answer and usually say what wonderful experiences they have had with home-schooled kids or how great it is that we've chosen that schooling route, etc etc. Its really encouraging and wonderful and I welcome it, much more than the alternative. 
Having been 1 of 7 kids all home-schooled for our whole lives, Im sure that my Mom & Dad were inundated with odd looks and "helpful" remarks on our schooling choice. ha! I dont remember much of them, which is to my parents credit for shielding us from the cynical remarks of others. I do remember being at restaurants and people would come up and comment on how well behaved we 7 were, others would pay for our meals while still others would waltz up and boldly ask my parents  "Are these all yours? Have you been married before or are they all from the same marriage?" I was so shocked, even as a kid, that people would ask these questions ALL the time. It got to be really funny after the 10th time or so.... Sometimes my Dad would say he picked a few of us up off the street just to mess with the person. ha!
Back to the topic at hand.... Last week Bella and I were mowing our very over grown field and we kept encountering creatures, mostly crickets and grasshoppers jumping all around and landing on us!
We took a break for a minute, when we climbed back onto the mower, not 20 feet away, a FOX ran out of the grass and froze and stared us down!! I started thinking of all the ways I needed to RUN and PROTECT Bella from this wild creature then realized how terrified it probably was of us since we were sitting on a bright orange mower 17 times larger than him. So we just sat motionless and watched him, he looked really malnourished and hairless, kinda ugly and sad honestly. Then he ran off through the field and into the donkey field which was hilarious bc the donkeys chanced it, poor thing.
What I so enjoy about teaching Bella at home is the ability to live normal life and have these encounters with nature, people or the Lord and be able to create from it an entire school day or lesson! I pulled out all of our animal books and we read all we could find on the 3 animal encounters we'd had that day. Cricket. Grasshopper. Fox.
Then I created a small test/worksheet for Bella to fill out after we finished reading. Here are the worksheets, dont know if you can read them.... She did so great remembering all the answers!

 I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach Bella and turn LIFE into school, instead of having 9-3 school hours run our life. The flexibility and creativity of learning is unmatched! My siblings and I were able to do/see so much of the world bc of the flexibility HS created for our family.

Now, I am by no means saying that a traditional school education is less than ideal or bad, I think its GREAT. I have many friends and family who've had great experiences in a traditional school system. I'm just coming at you from the pathway we have choosen. :) (small disclaimer)

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Emily said...

Hannah you are such an inspiration to me!! This school year I have the four youngest every Thursday doing their homework with them and such while Mama is out with the older ones and it is teaching me so much!
It's such a self-sacrificing thing to be a mom/life teacher and I am in awe of people like my Mama, your Mama and you who do it day in and out!
I am so excited to have the privilege to experience just a small taste that and to be able to pass on to them what I've learned (and what we learn together!). xoxo