Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dreaming of then, THRILLED for now!

My family has be captivated with Lake Michigan for decades! My mom grew up going with her mom and would go to camp as a child near Lake Michigan, my Dad proposed to my Mom on the beach in their 20s and every year they have vacationed somewhere in this beautiful state. As for me, every year as a child all of us spent the entire month of September beachside, in one cabin or another. Sunsets, Walks on the beach, fresh farmers markets, boating, skiing, salmon fishing, riding the waves, bonfires on the beach, quaint coffee shops, early morning trips with my dad to the bakery lady, Dog n Suds....  Is there anything else more wonderful?!

Since Brandon and I were married 7 years ago we have only been able to go twice. My husband grew up going to Florida and couldnt understand the incredible draw of "a lake"when there were oceans?!... until you've experience Lake Michigan you do not understand the pull of this lake. Its everything wonderful about the ocean with out ANY of the drawbacks, like jellyfish, salt water, crowds, sharks undertow (unless its really stormy but its the best to put on life jackets and go ride the waves!) Once Brandon experienced it, he is equally as hooked! This year we were determined to go and not let anything hold us back!! Now, we cant go for the whole month of Sept, as my family still does, but we managed to secure NINE DAYS! I am beside myself with joy to be going up there again.... its been 3 years! My bedroom is soaked with "beach theme" and its time I update my beach pictures... these beach pictures are some of my forever favorite moments/pictures captured.

Our first trip Bella was tiny and not walking....

Our second trip was the next year....
Labor day wkd we always stay in one of the worlds most lovely cities, Charlevoix, MI. This is our hotel room balcony right outside a drawbridge trafficked every 30 minutes by yachts and sailboats and the occasional barge!

 I mean can you even stand how adorable tiny Bella is in the gigantic jacket?! Shes 1 1/2 in the this shot and the jacket just now actually fits :) We got it in MI 3 years ago! Size 18months. Who sized that????


                     INCREDIBLE YACHT!

 Sister time!!

Nap time with Daddo on the beach, fireside... doesnt get any better!!

FOUR days from now (not that we have been counting down or anything) we are waking up tremendously early to start our 3rd fabulous trip to MI!!  Im so grateful. This is the first time our ENTIRE immed family will be there together in 4-5 years! Besides us not being there for 3 years, my little brother has been serving in Afghanistan and this is his first trip back to MI in 4 years... needless to say, my parents are thrilled to have all the "chicks" back in the vacation nest!

More pictures, more memories, more moments to capture..... To be continued....

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Emily said...

SOOOOO excited that you all get to be there together!!! and I can't wait to see everyone's pictures now that I've been to Charlevoix and can share the love y'all have for it!! I'll be loving every minute along with you all!! have a super fabulous vacation!! so happy for y'all!