Sunday, August 14, 2011

Desk Redo!

We live in a smaller home so we don't have room for a "school room" therefor school lands anywhere we desire. Some times that means a blanket on the floor, a blanket in the grass on a crisp day, a local tea or coffee shop or snuggled in our bed, this flexibility is what I LOVE about homeschooling my girl.  Im not interested in changing this at all, but perhaps joining that flexibility with the dream of having a "school room". A room devoted to creating a schooling experience that is enriching, creative and so inviting! Walls covered in kid art, projects, maps of the nations, personalized desks for the kiddos and a desk for Mom! Sounds great. Our current home does not lend itself well to that idea so we decided to just start with getting a desk for Bella. My parents had several very old and worn desks in the top of their barn. My brother crawled up to the barn loft and brought this desk down for me and thus starts the refurb process.


To do list:
A trip to Lowes.
Drop cloths. (So I don't paint the grass)
A spray paint bottle of silver Rust-oleum "Hammered"(for total rust coverage with out scraping.)
Note: NEVER sand or scrap off old rust if you dont know how old it is or where it came from, LEAD. yikes!
A spray paint bottle of clear enamel. (for the wood parts)
A cool day (for my sanity)


My girl is happy!

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emily grace said...

Nice work, Hannah! It looks great!