Sunday, April 17, 2011

Showing Hope with Cinderella!!

Recently we had the privilege of attending Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella along with the Nashville symphony. A beautiful night of hope for a fantastic organization called Show Hope. Steven Curtis and Marybeth Chapman started this incredible organization for orphans around the world. They have helped over 2700 children find forever homes!!! At the end of the show Steven played live his song "Cinderella"....not many dry eyes in the place.

My Dad invited us to come to along and this was Bellas 1st big broadway type show so we jumped at the chance! So thankful for my father and all the things is has done and keeps doing for his children and grandchildren. An incredible example of a husband, father and a man after Gods heart. I am beyond proud to call him my father!
Here are a few pictures of our fabulous night.
Bella and I went shopping just for HER one afternoon and found this precious dress.
Found Cinderella and the Prince! Since we just came back from Disneyworld it was a great big deal for Bella to meet Cinderella AGAIN!
The gorgeous theater we were in!
The most wonderful men I know! My husband and my father!
One of my sisters, Eleanna, Bella and I outside. Something about grand wide steps and columns that make for great pictures.
And whats a wonderful night if it doesn't end with family time at Sweet CeCes!!


Emily said...

love this post Hannah!! Y'all look wonderful! Did Steven Chapman sing his song Cinderella while y'all were there? Such a presh song! Daddy always sings it to us girls<3

Emily said...

It looks like y'all had a marvelous time and you all look fantastic! I'm sure it was such a special night-- especially for Bella! Since it was for ShoHope, did they play Steven's song Cinderella? it's so precious!!<3