Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St Pattys Dayyyyy!!

So thrilled we have a day to celebrate a man on fire, we need more of these days! St Patrick had a calling on his life to reach lost and hurting people. I read that he didnt start his ministry in gorgeous Ireland until he was 60......SIXTY! Its NEVER to late to become who you are called to be and its never to late to make a difference in peoples lives. Hope your St Patricks day was wonderful!

This is what we did....... 

Best St Pattys Day pic of all time.
All the activities, worksheets, mazes, history of Ireland school work, coloring pages etc ....  We put them on mantle to show Dad when he came home!
BFAST: Green eggs. Green (Kale & Berry) Smoothie!
Every holiday around our house includes tattoos, especially the sparkly ones! :)
LUNCH: Green Mac n Chz and Peas!
The 1st St Patricks Day parade started in NYC March 17th 1762 and continue to this day.... Im sure that ours is much small but never the less we decided to have a parade of our very own and marched around the yard with all Bellas babies (& a lil friend, Naomi whom we were babysitting)! Sleds and laundry baskets worked perfectly as parade floats!
We had ALOT of clover seed that blew into our yard a few years ago (from an adjacent field) which is super convenient for St Pattys day!! Treasure hunt for clovers, especially for a 4 leaf clovers..... sadly we never landed one.
I cut out 17 (date of SPD) shamrocks and hid them all over our front yard during Bellas nap, when she woke up we had a big scavenger hunt! I've always loved the visual aid of the shamrock in understanding the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. "Three in ONE!"
What holiday (or any fun day!) is complete with out decorated cookies?
Ended this glorious day with a bonfir

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