Wednesday, March 9, 2011

School "books"!

I found a great website called Enchanted Learning and eagerly signed up for the $20 yearly membership, for school resources. It has proven to be so valuable! My favorite thing that this website has are printable books on endless subjects, animals, people etc... (For early readers or fluent readers) Here's the link to that page. In addition to the printed books, coins, dollar bills and some flash cards for the 50 States and all the presidents (found in the $1 section at Target) the result was a great Kindergarten/First grade study of Presidents day!

Here are a few of the other books that we have completed! (Tip, print them 50%-60% of the size since they are full pages usually. Helps save on ink and paper.)

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Nathalie said...

LOVE this! I just signed up for another online resource called Raising Rock Stars. Its been really helpful and I've been amazed at how fast Asher is learning. We even started sight words...which was a huge deal. Thanks for this resource. You're such a great teacher. I know Bella loves learning because of the way you so engage!