Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RIP umbrella stroller & a box is never just a box.....

Made in through Disneyworld

Our former pink umbrella stroller lived an excellent, full life all around the country. After all the travel we put it through, I decided to see if it would last through my new hobby of power walking...... which lead to squeaky wheels and broken parts! RIP stroller, you served us well!
Made it through 10 days in NYC

Time to upgrade!! 
The search began for a jogging stroller. I did SO much research online & figured out what I wanted then found it in a local store only to discover that my sweet girl has inherited my height, so all the strollers were to short. Back to the drawing board for more hunting.... Exhausted by the hunt, with no solutions except to spend hundreds of dollars. *deep breath*

A few days later I ran in target for rain boots (for my garden planting... will blog about that later!) and thought I'd just run down that isle and see what they had and found it!!! A great, tall enough, jogging stroller that was only $99! Grabbed it off the shelf as fast as I could and we've been loving our power walks ever since!!

 The other half of the story is the box the stroller came in..... who knew a box could be so much fun!?

Bella made it into a submarine!
And then Daddy gets home just in time for a ride in the submarine!
Naturally you must eat in the submarine!

All in all a GREAT purchase and so many levels!

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