Saturday, February 5, 2011

"A Force of Faith"

Reading.... its something that is so beneficial and life changing yet also so easily pushed to the back burners of my days.....same story with exercise & quiet time with the Lord. I genuinely love and desire to do all 3 of these things with my whole heart! Why do they end up being shoved to the back burner? I've realized that it's a struggle because they are, at the core, "needs" in my daily life in order to live every day to the FULLEST... I know that the Lord desires for us to FULLY LIVE every day, therefore this back burner/front burner ping pong is truly a spiritual battle. We each have a "golden to do list" that makes you feel SO fulfilled at the end of the day..... Lets not let them move to the back burner of our days, lets take action and LIVE to the fullest every moment of every day! Write them down, glue them on your fridge, in your bathroom, in your car, wherever and DO THEM REGARDLESS!! (This is what I tell myself, so I'm saying it to you also)

During a recent "golden to do list" success, I was so impacted by a chapter I read by Ian Britza, the former president of Daystar Ministries, in One word from God can change your family (I highly recommended this book by Kenneth & Gloria Copeland!)

"Partial obedience is really disobedience... True obedience means to obey promptly, prompt obedience is the way you train your children to hear Gods voice. Your children should be trained to obey the first time you ask them to do something in your normal tone of voice. As they learn to respond to simple directions when they're young, their hearts will be prepared to obey the Lord in the more important areas when they're older... The child trained to trust God unconditionally will grow into a person who can boldly turn the pressures of the world into opportunities for faith...
The reason they can walk in faith so consistently and effortlessly is because they know that their heavenly Father loves them. They've trained themselves to respond to HIM instantly and confidently. That's how we are to raise our children. Through proper correction we train our childrens hearts to follow Gods will for them. Then they will know the joy and the peace that comes from the confident, uncompromising obedience to His voice. As they grow, they wont rebel or be overcome by the world. Instead, they will be a force to be reckoned with." (A force to be reckoned with - Definition: "Someone or something that is important and powerful and must not be ignored.")

Wow what a phrase..."A force to be reckoned with"... Every day we as Godly parents are called to raise our children to become a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH! How empowering! What a privilege! What an Honor! What a great joy!

What a bright future we have.......

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