Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Fun #3 SNOW DAY!

Recently it snowed in DECEMBER for the 1st time in years!! 
Bella and I made it an official "Snow Day"! 
Magical. Beautiful. Pure.
We made SNOW ICE CREAM! Check out Paula Deans Snow Ice Cream Recipe!!

Flav #1: Vanilla
Flav #2: Caramel (delish!)
Flave #3: Best for last... Peppermint Oreo!

Craft fun! Glitter and Paper snowflakes... good combo!
A pretty snowy lunchy! Food, Plates, Cups & Dessert! Love to make my girl smile!!
I cut tortillas like paper snowflake and made quesadillas!
Snowy Puzzle! I need to get more of these smaller piece puzzles!

HAPPY SNOW DAY! Hope you all had a great snowy day with your family also!


Nathalie said...

such cute ideas!

Joy said...

what a fun day!!! those cookies were delicious!! :)