Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Away in the Manager....

Christmas is always so special to me..... we have a manager that I have had for years but Bella isn't allowed to play with it, so I wanted to make one that Bella WAS allowed to play with....
I found this idea on a UK website! (click here)
Step1: Printed all the pages. We spent forever coloring, cutting and then assembling all of them! Ahhhhh "quality time"!

Step 2: Get a cardboard box, hot glue gun, hay & a cute lil helper!
Ta-Da! Chopped up hay in the bottom of the Manager & long pieces for the roof.
Step3: Add the characters!


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Curry Winters said...

That is so worth all the time (and I am sure it was a lot) will still have that out when she is 20!!!