Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Adventure #5.... LEAF PILE!

I grew up in Green Hills in a gorgeous yellow old Victorian home where gigantic Maple Trees covered every inch of our large front yard!  A few Saturdays, during Fall we would have a huge family/friends leaf raking day! No seriously, it was a great big deal! Everyone was armed with rakes and "work clothes"..... After what seemed like hours of raking, we would loaded pile after pile of leaves high into a wooden trailer with tall sides.... the sides seemed over 5 feet tall, perhaps they weren't that high in reality. The moment we got the "OK" from my Dad we all DOVE into the trailer jumping, laughing and running from one side to the other tipping the trailer from end to end. Vivid memories!! This I'm sure birthed my obsession with the Autumn season. The dried leaf smell is such a special smell-memory for me....


"Help me out Mommy I'm stuck!"

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curry said...

i remember going to your house and you coming to mine for that tradition...I loved that trailer!!!