Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bellas Favorite Snack

We make smoothies for breakfast a lot during the week, and one day I had left over smoothie so I dumped it into an ice tray and froze them and stuck tooth picks in them.... Bella calls them "Special Yo-Yo (Special Yogurt) Popsicles"! Not only does Bella think they are a special dessert treat, I feel like Ninja Mom bc I hid all kinds of green goodies in it and she cant tell! 
 We put any and all fruits and a few veggies, ice, whole milk plain yogurt, a lil nugget of real Michigan maple syrup and Coconut Milk! For more info abt the incredible health benefits of Coconut Milk, click here. Its a wonder....
 I heard somewhere that for every 2 fruits you add to a smoothie you can add 1 veggies and you wont taste a difference. My 2 favorite items right now to sneak into a smoothie or popsicles (with no taste difference!) are the real nutrient dense leafy green like frozen organic kale or fresh organic spinach, I have also steamed carrots just to soften them and add that with one of the leafy green veggies. The other secret is not letting Bella see that I am adding those items in the blender. HA! 
Id love to know if any of you other ninjas have more fun ideas for sneaking veggies into food for kiddos? :o) Let me know!

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Nathalie said...

great!!! love the yo-yo pops!