Thursday, September 16, 2010

Childhood & Soup

Most beautiful days you can find Bella & I parked on quilt, under our gigantic maple tree, in our front yard & this afternoon was no different. We have been reading the American Girl books, & are on our 2nd one which is, 'Kirsten Learns a Lesson'.  Bella has had my Kirsten doll, bed, wardrobe & clothes for awhile now & she is always very careful with her.... In fact Brandon, Bella, Kirsten & I were all dancing around the house tonight trading partners & having a blast UNTIL Brandon threw Kirsten in the air to "do a trick" & immediately Bella stopped dancing & frooze!! Her face was full of shock & drama, confidently she states: "DAD! Kirsten does NOT like to be thrown & she is very old & very special & you HAVE to be careful with her, ok?!" Brandon & I were unsuccessful in our attempts to not laugh....after all, she was right!
Anyway, I digress.......... In the AG book today Kirsten & her friends made pretend food for their dolls out of mud & small objects they discovered in the woods. This reminded me of the hours I spent making "soup" with my little brother Ethan, who (now big strong solider in Afghanistan) is potentially semi-horrified that I am admitting this about him in public, trust me I have much worse on him... All I can say is Ice skating, Disney songs & Living room... SHH! I cant say anything else... Digressing again-  I have vivid memories 5 gallon buckets, long spoons & so much "stuff" from the yard that it seemed my dad barely had to mow! Thus leading to our afternoon adventure....... 


Nature Soup Recipe: Water. Dirt. Sand. Grass. Maple Leaves. Marigold Blossoms. Daisies. Rocks. Sheeps Wool. Monkey Grass. Mulch. Sticks. Garnish with Clovers. Stir & Enjoy!
Dessert! "Chocolate Mud Cake"
Bellas face is so funny she's like "Im suppossed to act like this is cake but Im really holding mud, ewww!"

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