Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Theme days"

I LOVE intentionally "creating events/memories" as a mom! I've been praying lately for creativity for some new ideas and then remembered that back in the Fall I did a Pumpkin Day.... So the idea (which my brilliant mom did for us as a kids) is THEME DAYS. I take a day and make it all about ONE theme/book/holiday etc... 1st stop: "Little House on the Prairie" day. 

Here are a few things we did: 
(If things are going well, research & planning is not done on the day of... ha!) 
1) Went to the Library and checked out all the books we could find abt the topic.
2) I googled activity sheets, coloring pages, craft ideas, recipes & wardrobe ideas. Go here
Properly donned long dresses and braids - Tatsy Tea Party - Five Little House books and a patchwork quilt! I read in a magazine about creating a "scene" around the base of a tree and so we did!!
Making Butter like Mary and Laura did! Lots of shaking (recipe) but Bella was loving it!
Found a recipe online for "Little House Lemon-aid"
Heart-Shaped Biscuits - Simple and DELISH!
Had a "camp out" in the living room for bed time & I dug up these old jammies of mine complete with matching "night cap" haha! Sooo sweet! AND matching jammies for baby.
Such a sweet princess!

 It was such a fantastic afternoon! Im so thankful for the Divine inspiration for Themed days together with my precious Bella Raine, she LOVED every second and so did I.... Let me know if you try it out and how they worked for you, Id love any new ideas if you have them!