Friday, March 26, 2010

My new fave fat burning workout!!

Burst Training-
Anybody ever heard of this "burst training"??? Its amazing and makes so much sense and is so DO-ABLE! 10-15 min, 3x a week and its the most effective way to burn fat! 

"The primary hormone response invoked by Burst Training is elevated levels of Human Growth Hormone. This hormone is essential for fat mobilization. It also signals fat burning enzymes and aids in muscle mass development. HGH levels are raised most during sleep, in direct proportion to exercise intensity during your workout."......... "Burst training involves exercising at 90%-100% of your maximum effort for 30-60 seconds in order to burn your body’s stored sugar (glycogen), followed by 30-60 seconds of low impact for recovery. This causes your body to burn fat for the next 36 hours to replace your body’s vital energy (glycogen) stores. You only need to do 4-6 sets of 30-60 second bursts 3 times a week to see marked changes and improvements. More is not always better–make sure you have days of rest." - Dr Josh Axe  Listen through to the end of this vid! Practical help on HOW....

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i went crazy again today said...

crazy!! i'm trying it to day!