Friday, February 19, 2010

Here it is....

Due to the gentle urging and encouragement from my some I am starting a blog... 1 side of me says... "Is anyone going to read this?!" My other side says "Im going to be HUGE, & make a ton of money!" ha! Either way, it should be fun... or so we all hope...right?

Anna said it best... "this is so cool. so i just write whatever i want and everyone in the world reads it? and then i get famous? and then i get paid to keep writing? again, cool. its just so easy." 

More happiness to come! Stay tuned for more of this........

*Craft ideas! GREAT site!
*Creative, effective workouts ideas!  Nathalie Whisnants quote after helping her create a personalized workout... "squats + crunches + push-ups + running (hannah's lose the baby flab workout)=blissfully sore muscles today!"
*Extravaganzas & Adventures & Games with Bella!

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